Introducing Rosie Clarke & BODO’s ATTYRE Blog

As many of you will already know, since the summer of 2013 BODO has had it’s very own ethical fashion blog, written and edited by Rosie Clarke. For those of you who haven’t come across it before however, I thought I’d do a brief introduction to the site and tell you a little bit about it’s author....
Rosie joined the BODO team in June of 2013 after her writing caught the attention of CEO Peter Lochan and some of BODO’s other employees. After a few meetings, Rosie was brought on board to put together a blog that covered all aspects of ethical fashion and sustainable design. Not long after that was conceived and she has been writing for the site ever since.
When I contacted Rosie and asked her to describe her passions and what it was like writing Attyre, she said; “From the moment I was able to pick up a book, right through to my degree in English, I've had a keen interest in writing and when BODO gave me the opportunity to use my passion for a good cause, I jumped at the chance. Through ATTYRE, I hope to inspire others about the world of green innovation, to celebrate BODO footwear, and to show that ethics and aesthetics definitely do go hand in hand. We cover all aspects of sustainable fashion and design, focusing exclusively on all things eco-friendly.”       
If you’re a fashionista who is passionate about protecting our world and looking after the environment then you should definitely check out Attyre. I think it has a little bit of everything, from feature articles about individual designers making waves in the ethical fashion market, to reports on big events in the fashion world.
February 04, 2014 by Sheniz Raif
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