The Xtremely Tyre’d Range; What Your Colour Choice Says About You!

When the BODO team were in the design stages of creating our flagship product, the BODO Sandal, one thing that everyone agreed on was that there should be a large range of colour combinations available to our customers.
Part of this unanimous decision came from the fact that a larger range means that there is more choice for you and a bigger chance that you can match the sandal to whatever outfit you plan to wear it with. Another reason is because there is a huge school of thought that suggests that the colours people choose to wear say a lot about their personalities and we wanted to make sure there was a BODO Sandal out there for everyone!
For this blog, I did a little bit of research about what our favourite colours say about us and though I found numerous varying theories, it seems as though the colour you choose can say a great deal indeed! For example, the red-wearer is bold, brazen and confident, blues are for the compassionate and caring, yellow is the colour of happiness and wisdom, white represents purity and simplicity and pink the maternal nature within us. Of course our personality traits aren’t solely responsible for the colour choices we make, the fit, practicality, the price and matching items to the rest of our wardrobe also play a huge part alongside many other factors! But whatever your reasons, we hope there’s a BODO Sandal out there that calls out to you!
February 25, 2014 by Sheniz Raif
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