Why The BODO Donation Sandal Is So Essential

When BODO first started up, we did a lot of research about footwear and how a lack of it can have a hugely detrimental impact upon those living in poverty. For so many of us, a lack of footwear isn’t a problem we’ve had to deal with or even consider, however when you look into how much of an effect a lack of footwear can have, the findings are quite shocking. I myself was one of the team members that did quite a bit of research in the subject and what I found out left me both alarmed and upset.

Not only can a lack of footwear spread several dangerous diseases like Schistosomiasis and Podoconiosis, it also causes debilitating injuries that only further compound poverty’s vicious cycle because they impair people’s ability to work and provide for themselves and their families. Some of our research led us to discover the horrific pain and discomfort cause by the chigoe flea or jigger (as it is often referred to), the flea attaches itself to the host mammal, causing swelling, inflammation, loss of nails, toe deformation and infection. Often the people inflicted do not have access to or cannot afford the right medical treatment and resort to drastic measures like popping the infected area with safety pins and the like!

The information that had the biggest emotional impact on me however, was finding out that in certain parts of the world, children are forbidden from entering schools if they are not wearing shoes or sandals. I read about harrowing stories where families living in poverty would only be able to afford one pair of shoes between several children, so they would alternate the days that their kids would be able to go to school. Some couldn’t afford any at all and so their children were forced to miss out on going to school altogether! I understand the rule, it’s in place because the lack of footwear spreads diseases like the aforementioned,
but I just find it so heartbreaking that these children are denied the opportunity to get an education and better themselves. It’s another terrible catch-22 and this is one of the reasons that BODO is so determined to get our donation sandal out to people living in situations like this so that we can help to make a positive impact and bring about real social and economic change!
February 27, 2014 by Sheniz Raif
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