Charity Clothes Swap @ Unity

On a mission to scope out possible places to introduce the BODO Sandal before our big launch, I ventured to the
Organiser Clare Gamble (right) with a swap regular
Charity Clothes Swap at Unity in Angel, North London because the ethics behind this event appealed to our own. 
The idea is simple, you bring along unwanted items of clothing, stuff that doesn’t fit or isn’t really your style anymore and you swap it for stuff that you do want! It’s a one-for-one system, so if you bring 3 items, you can take 3 items home with you. The fussier fashionistas need not despair, because if you don’t fill your quota on this outing, then you get a credit note of sorts for the next event.
The event also serves as a place for people to donate smart clothes, suits and other such working attire that go to the charity, The Circle, which aims to help disadvantaged women get back on their feet through a number of avenues like training courses, advice and guidance and the provision of appropriate clothing for job interviews or work. I was intrigued by The Circle’s mission, because in some ways, what they are trying to do is similar to what we hope to achieve at BODO by providing essential items for people living in poverty and in doing so, have a positive impact on their lives.
At the event, I spoke to organiser Clare Gamble, whose enthusiasm for the project was infectious. She explained to me how
she got all of her clothes from swap events like this one and so jumped at the chance to help Maryam Pasha and her daughter Mina who set up The Circle, by hosting their charity clothes shop events for them.
Part of the reason that Clare is so passionate about the project is because of her feelings about many high street brands and their lack of conscience. We had a long discussion about the darker side of the fashion industry and when I told her about BODO’s goals and mission she was genuinely intrigued and informed me of future events where our organisations could network.
March 31, 2014 by Sheniz Raif
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