Mrs Bear's Swap Shop

With the theme of WWII and the era of 'make do and mend', Mrs Bear's pop-up swap shop is a nostalgic, retro inspired swishing event, that encourages consumers to reduce clothing waste and get creative! BODO headed to east London's Water Poet pub, to take part and see for ourselves.

The way it works is that each person brings up to seven items of clothing and/or accessories and shoes that they no longer want, but are still in good condition. In exchange, they receive a clothing coupon book once their items have been graded.


Once your clothes have been graded, you're now set to peruse the rails! Most items are vintage inspired, so for vintage lovers in particular, this event needs you (Lord Kitchener finger point!). Held at various locations around London, these feel good clothes swaps bring a sense of community to a world where fast fashion dominates - plus you're also doing your bit for the environment! Those who don't use up all their coupons can save their ration books until the next event. Visit the website to find out more and see when their next event is.


August 31, 2014 by Rosie Clarke
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