Future Fabrics Expo 2014

Non-profit organisation, The Sustainable Angle, specialises in creating projects that minimise the environmental impact of industry and society. Since 2011, it has been host to the Future Fabrics Expo, which allows socially conscious designers and buyers to explore new and innovative sustainable materials. This year BODO paid a visit, held at London's Olympia Centre from the 28th-30th September.

As our BODO sandals incorporate sustainability, with our signature recycled car tyre sole, we thought it would be interesting to see like minded creatives eager to know more about environmentally friendly design. Sustainability involves using less water and energy in production, using natural textiles and working towards a transparent supply chain.

We discovered some impressive new alternative materials, such as wolf fish skin (shown above), introduced by a company called Atlantic Leather and muskin leather made from mushrooms, using natural tanning processes.

September 28, 2014 by Rosie Clarke
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