Africa on the Square


Last weekend, held at Trafalgar Square, we saw a celebration of African culture, music, food, and fashion, as hundreds mingled around London's landmark for a special event hosted by the Mayor of London, as part of Black History Month.

2014 is the first year of Africa on the Square - an all day event including entertainment in the form of acrobatics, dancing, guest musical performances and much more. 

But as many felt the spirit of African culture, we also were given the opportunity to see the traditional beauty of African IMG_7052textiles, craftsmanship and independent,  ethical labels introducing african aesthetics to a contemporary European market.  

From woven bags and handcrafted jewellery, to fair trade hair and skin products. Labels such as Vou Brown , (below, right), that represents contemporary africa from various designers. 


IMG_7039  IMG_7056

IMG_7066One particular highlight was the fashion show, which provided a platform for many brands to showcase their designs, which were often made ethically sourced straight from Africa. Fee Uhssi is a luxury ethical fashion label offering bespoke clothing and accessories influenced by african textiles and handcraft techniques.

The independent clothing company prides itself on its transparency, working with fair trade organisations and using natural, eco-friendly fabrics from Africa and Europe. Touch of Africa offers fair trade contemporary fashion, with subtle unique twist, such as aztec printed shirt collars and tribal detailing.















October 11, 2014 by Rosie Clarke
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