Mary's Living & Giving Shop Opens in Highgate Village

Retail and market consultant Mary Portas has recently opened a new Living & Giving store in Highgate Village, selling the best of second hand fashion and accessories. Not only is it for a good cause (the proceeds are going towards Save the children), but these stores encourage us to support the community (something Mary knows all about, following her TV series mary Queen of Charity Shops).

Anything that encourages us to recycle our clothes and put second hand first for a change, is a great thing in BODO's books! And this store really has some great pieces, from designer bargains to the latest high street styles. I was very impressed with the quality of second hand clothing there, which goes to show that the staff really put in the effort when it comes to showcasing the best of preloved clothing. I have no doubt that this store will thrive, just like the others. Remember, second hand doesn't have to be second best! 

October 15, 2014 by Rosie Clarke
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