UAL Better Lives Seminar: Positive Psychology in Fashion

UAL London college of Fashion is hosting a series of seminars this January and February around the subject of fashion and positive change. BODO attended the Better Lives seminar - Positive Psychology in Fashion, which took a look at body image and how we can change the way we judge ourselves.
Sustainable fashion pioneer and champion upcycler Orsela De Castro spoke at the event, as well as founder of All Walks Catwalk, and fashion activist Caryn Franklin AND professor Helen Storey.
Helen Storey discussed her Catalytic Clothing Project, which aims to which combines fashion with science to purify the air we breathe.
Psychologist Linda Popadopoulos was also there to speak on body image, from models with vitiligo to associating high fashion with healthier body types. She argued that with social media, we now know what other people think of us, and that can be very damaging to a young person, breeding body insecurities.

January 12, 2015 by Rosie Clarke
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