Camden Market: The Heart of Sustainability and Independent Business

Camden market is not only one of London's historical landmarks, but it also encompasses the spirit of community and independent businesses. From stalls selling vintage records, to upcycled jewellery and second hand books, sustainable businesses and local labels thrive in Camden. 
Last weekend BODO took a little trip down to the Lock and the heart of market life. As expected we came across a number of interesting labels selling sustainable and ethical products like our BODO sandal. From upcycled clocks made from old vinyls, to hand made phone cases. We also came across a great brand called Aoshii, which specialises in japanese origami jewellery made from washi paper and then patterned with gold leaf designs. They also sell some fantastic bookmarks in the form of japanese women in traditional dress.
Of course, being in Camden, we had to take a little trip to TRAID, which is a second hand shop selling clothing and accessories, but also makes their own clothes by upcycling old discarded clothes and materials. They also mend clothes, discouraging people to throw away used garments unnecessarily.
TRAID funds projects that fight global poverty, as is our mission with BODO. They also highlight that most of what we consider waste never really is. There's always a way to recycle or upcycle and repurpose - which BODO does with our recycled car tyred soles. Coming soon to a shop near you!
March 30, 2015 by Rosie Clarke
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