Art, Craft and Local Business in Hampstead


Tucked away behind the main street, where you'll find all the big chain stores like Waterstones and Starbucks is a quaint little side street called Flask Walk, buzzing with local business. From second hand clothes stores, to antique bookshops and hand crafted ceramics, a part of the old Hampstead remains.


Visiting yesterday, I came across a local painter at his easel painting a young guy, while the antique bookshop nearby was brimming with £2 books on sale outside as a special deal. The bookshop itself (which is called keith Fawkes), is owned by a descendant of Guy Fawkes, adding to the sense of history and community of this hidden gem of a side road. 

Flask Walk would be a great place for us to sell some of our BODO sandals, and set up a pop up shop for those who care about the story behind the things they buy. Whether it's a rare second hand book, a painting or a donation sandal made using recycled car tyres, Flask Walk is definitely a unique place for interesting  independent business!

April 20, 2015 by Rosie Clarke
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