Fashion Revolution Day Takes to the Highstreet

Fashion Revolution day took place this April 24th across the globe and social media. It is a day to commemorate the garment workers that fell victim to the Rana Plaza building collapse in Bangladesh 2 years ago. Fashion Revolution Day also celebrates sustainability within the industry and fair trade, encouraging consumers to ask 'who made my clothes?'
 BODO took to the high street to find out whether Fashion Revolution Day had affected any major retailers. We noticed that blue placques had been placed on Zara, River Island & H&M, which read "Rana Plaza 24th April 2013, 1338 workers killed by corporate greed."  A strong message, but one that will hopefully leave consumers with the need to find out more about High street retailer supply chains and the workers behind our labels. You can find out more about Fashion Revolution Day at Fashion
April 25, 2015 by Rosie Clarke
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