Camden Passage: Islington's Hidden Gem












Camden Passage is a great little hidden gem behind the scenes of Angel Islington's high street. It's thriving with independent businesses like BODO, offering hand made, second hand and unique pieces full of character and made with love. From artisanal beaded accessories made in East Africa, to hand made greetings cards - and of course plenty of interesting clothes from vintage to quality made in England designs.

It's easy to wile away the time away, getting carried away with the different stalls and just the general buzz of the local community on a sunny day. It's an atmosphere you don't get out on the high street just a road away, like you've entered another world full of little passageways crammed with interesting finds.   


This is an ideal place for BODO to set up a stall in the summer, especially with sandals being a summer staple. Watch this space!...





May 19, 2015 by Rosie Clarke
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