Creativity On Display At Spitalfields Arts Market

With the intention of scoping out possible venues to showcase and sell the BODO Sandal before we hit the high street, I
ventured down to Spitalfields Arts Market as I’d heard it was a fantastic place to see creativity on
display and actually meet the artists who created the wares that are for sale. I also knew it was a place where many ethical fashion sellers chose to feature their items, so was intrigued by that too.
Despite hearing lots about it, I’d never actually been there before and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. There were several eye-catching stalls, with unique and original produce, much of which was
made using recycled materials or was ethically sourced and a lot of the people manning the stalls had created the items that were on display. I spoke to Aly Bond who created handbags out of leather coats that people could no longer wear but did not want to part with, as someone who has been very sentimental over my leather jackets in the past, I could instantly see the attraction in this idea!

I was also enthralled by the Electrickery stall, which featured intricate jewellery, lamps and suchlike all created from recycled circuit boards. Dave, the designer and creator of the wares, told me a little about his products all of which he’d created himself.
The LeJu stall was also immediately attractive to me, featuring the tagline “Stylish and Sustainable Jewellery” I discovered that that majority of the designs were created using a type of nut whose texture resembled that of ivory. The seller showed me the nut in its organic state and explained that sale of the nut stimulates the economies in South America as it provides an alternative to cutting down the rainforests for farming and helps to prevent the culling of elephants for their tusks. In BODO’s opinion, anything that will help stop these majestic creatures being hunted for their tusks is worth supporting!