Angelo Pangalos & His Mission To Spread Smiles

The other day whilst travelling on the tube, I had a chance encounter with a very special person called Angelo Pangalos. I was

standing on the platform at Finsbury Park waiting for a train, in a shockingly bad mood, with a million stresses whirling round my head, when out of the corner of my eye I noticed a guy doing magic tricks with a deck of cards whilst dancing to the music coming through his headphones. He seemed like he was in his own little happy bubble, practising his nifty skills, all the while wearing the biggest boldest smile. I started observing him and then when he noticed me smiling, he took his headphones out and asked me if I wanted to see him do a trick. Before we could get to the card-picking part, the train came and we got on board and the conversation just flowed. His energy lifted me instantly and I immediately felt comfortable having a chat with him. He explained his mission; to pass smiles on to people and brighten up their lives. He calls it the FORWARDtheSMILE project and basically what it entails is Angelo doing magic tricks, or playing songs to make people smile wherever he goes. He takes pictures of these smiles and has more than 6,000 on his Instagram. Angelo’s mission was inspired by grave personal tragedy, in the brief minutes we had together, he told me some of what he has been through and honestly it’s more than any person should. But rather than let it get him down, it motivated him to dedicate his life to bring joy and laughter into other people’s lives. I told him about BODO and our goal to get footwear to the world’s most needy and he seemed impressed by what we were trying to do and keen to help with our mission – so you could well be seeing more from Angelo Pangalos and his FORWARDtheSmile mission on here!
Chatting to him felt like catching up with a dear friend I hadn't seen in long time and our fated meeting certainly snapped me out of my bad mood and gave me something to smile about. I wish I’d had longer on the train to speak to Angelo and find out more about his mission and motivations, but despite only speaking to him for about 5 minutes, I went about my day wearing the smile he paid forward to me!

forward the smile from lebon on Vimeo.