#SecondHandFirst Week Day 3: BODO Goes Swishing

These last few days have been particularly exciting for sustainable fashion enthusiasts, as recycling clothing charity TRAID hosts #secondhandfirstweek, from the 17th-23rd November. Celebrating all things pre loved and recycled, #secondhandfirst week encourages us to get into the spirit of caring for your clothes, with a make do and mend ethos.

Food Cycle & The Clothes Club’s Charity Swap

IMG_7616 IMG_7594

On Wednesday, BODO attended Food Cycle andThe Clothes Club‘s charity clothes swap, hosted by TRAID. Held at Just Giving’s headquarters by London Bridge, it was a feel good evening of music, fashion & fun – as well as an opportunity to learn more about the different charitiesand how to shop more sustainably.

Currently over 4 million people are hit by food poverty. Since it was established in Sydney in 2008, Food Cycle has served over 105,000 meals and reclaimed over 120,000kg of surplus food. Together with TRAID, The Clothes Club and proceeds from all who attended last night, they’ve helped even more people gain access to enough food this winter. 


The grand prize raffle win went to a very lucky guy, who won this brand new bike!…

How it Works 

IMG_7608Once we donated our unwanted clothes, we were each given tokens, which were to be exchanged for the swap. But before we hit the rails, the raffle winners were revealed (to my dismay, I did not win that bike), but I did grab some great items from the 7 tokens I received.

 The way the system worked was that 7 tokens = 7 points. Clothes were valued as 1, 2 or 3 points, depending on their quality, style and longevity. A particular item I loved was a very 60s inspired two-tone collar playsuit, which I’m looking forward to styling!





IMG_7597 IMG_7622


IMG_7604Sarah who works ar TRAID was also there, encouraging us to recycle and pledge to source part of our wardrobe second hand. It was really great to see people willingly pledge a percentage of their wardrobe they would dedicate to strictly preloved fashion.

Not only are these events a great way to learn about making more sustainable consumer choices, but the swishing community is a great place to network and share a look good, feel good mentality. Second hand doesn’t have to mean second!

November 20, 2014 by Rosie Clarke