At BODO we have two missions – as an urban footwear brand, our goal is to create timeless, sandals with a modern edge, but with ethics at our core, we aim to provide durable and practical footwear for those living in poverty stricken communities. Using our ‘Buy One Donate One’ approach, we can achieve both aims.


The concept of the BODO sandal originated in Trinidad & Tobago, where founder Peter Lochan’s uncle, impoverished for most of his life, was determined to make a better living for himself. Making the most of a difficult situation, he used his entrepreneurial mind to create boot soles from used car tyres, selling them to oil field workers to bring longevity to their boots. Proving much more durable and safer than a typical boot sole, his design earned him great respect among locals.

Determined to keep his Uncle’s story alive, Peter has revived his innovative concept to create a sandal using used car tyres able to withstand wear like his uncle’s designs. With the same do-good ethos, Peter sought a way to give back to communities, to help those who need practical, comfortable footwear for schooling, and maintaining safe and healthy livelihoods.


As part of the ethical fashion community, BODO’s ‘Buy One Donate One’ concept demonstrates how sustainable design can be innovative, and contribute to global positive change. Simply, for every pair of sandals you purchase, we donate a pair to those less fortunate – from refugees, to the homeless.

Transaction-based giving means we believe in making everyone happy, from our customers who appreciate a stylish, high quality, environmentally friendly product, to the person across the globe who now has new opportunities to better his or herself through essential footwear.

BODO is an acronym for Buy One Donate One - the principle behind our brand.


Initially, we’ll provide for communities in South America, where our research reveals that footwear is a necessity in order for children to enter into education. Lack of footwear also affects those who simply can’t afford it, resulting in long-term injuries that impacts on their chances of earning a decent living.

BODO’s priority is to prevent this vicious cycle of poverty! When you buy from us, you help us help others. We’re currently negotiating with various charities, to reach out to these communities and ensure our footwear gets to the people who need it most. We’ve been working closely with The Barefoot Foundation – a fantastic organisation providing aid and education to children in Colombia and the Caribbean.


The first thing we looked for when creating the BODO sandal was sustainability. We wanted to source ethically, which is why the recycling aspect is so important. A whopping 45,000 tonnes of car tyres are dumped each year. Add to the fact that they don’t decompose naturally, and are fire risks when stored en masse, they lead to serious environmental issues.

The tyre imprint on the soles symbolise our mission to reduce auto waste, while also representing the high quality and comfort each pair provides.


The BODO sandal is available from our website, however plans are in place to expand worldwide. In the UK we’re in the process of providing stock to major high street retailers, and within the next year we hope to become a prominent name within the ethical fashion industry!


BODO aims to become a social enterprise, while building a worldwide brand with a strong online community. Customer satisfaction comes first, which is why we want to make your experience with us second-to-none!