Urban charitable footwear brand BODO was founded by Peter Lochan in 2011, after years of philanthropic work. Having had extensive experience as an independent Employment & Skills Advisor, Peter opened his own consultancy in 2009, but decided to abandon it after choosing to dedicate himself fully to BODO in 2011.

The BODO Sandal and the concept of using recycled car tyres stems from a legacy passed down by Peter’s family, beginning in Trinidad & Tobago, where Peter’s uncle Hanif, impoverished for most of his life, was determined to make a better living for himself. Making the most of a difficult situation, he used his entrepreneurial mind to create boot soles from used car tyres, selling them to oil field workers to bring longevity and grip to their boots. Proving much more durable and safer than a typical boot sole, his creation earned him great respect among locals.

Hanif’s story became the root of inspiration for Peter. It brought to light the things we in the western world take for granted, and from that moment he made it his mission to strive for positive social change. He was also impressed by the innovation his uncle had shown, using limited resources available to create a life-changing design. It was then that the idea for the BODO Sandal began to spring to life.

Through research Peter discovered that people living in poverty all over the world are suffering from a basic lack of footwear. This means some children are denied an education, simply because they don’t have shoes. Lack of footwear also affects adults who can’t afford it, resulting in long-term injuries from walking barefoot across harsh terrain, impacting on their chances of earning a decent living.

Peter based his business model on transaction-based giving, using the ‘Buy One Donate One’ concept to ensure that our sandals reach those that need them most. BODO is an acronym of ‘Buy One Donate One’, meaning every time you purchase a pair of sandals, we donate to someone living in poverty, giving them the opportunity to improve their education, health and life prospects!

Over the years Peter has gained solid and extensive experience working in the public, voluntary and private sectors, providing consultancy services to a wide range of clients. His biggest passion is helping people; which is reflected throughout his entire work history, whether it’s helping the unemployed to find work, or getting people the skills they need to further their careers.

Peter is dedicated to developing BODO into a social enterprise and building relations with its external partners to turn it into an established worldwide brand.